How to Make a Difference and Live Your Life with Significance Now (and the Charging the Lines Experience)

Imagine the journey to your dreams as a ten-step stairway. To get to the top and reach your dreams, you have to take ten steps.

But to make a difference in the lives of others and live your life with significance, you don’t need to be at the top of the stairway to your dreams. You don’t need to wait for all your dreams to be fulfilled before you start making a difference. Every time you take one step towards your dreams, you can already help others. You can help them by pulling them up to where you are now. Then, you take another step and pull them up again get to where you are.

That’s how you make a difference and live your life with significance now.

This is also how the experience on this website works. For every step I take towards my dream of living the life I want, I try my best to help you get to where I am. I try my best to pull you up.

Right now, I have taken only one or two steps up the stairway. I have developed the mindsets and the habits I need to succeed, but I still don’t have the financial results or the freedom to live the life I want. That’s why I’m sharing with you only my experiences and everything I’ve learned so far to help you develop your mindset and your habits.

But, as I continue to grow and produce results in my life, your experience from this website will also grow. You will learn so much more! More than motivation and inspiration, you will also get real life education. I will teach you exactly how I am able to achieve the freedom to live the life I want, one step at a time.

For now, I can only motivate, inspire, and uplift you to reach your dreams on this blog. I can only listen to you if you contact me. I can only introduce you to people who have already done what we’re trying to do if you subscribe to our mailing list because I, myself, am not yet living the life I want. But, as I produce results in my life and take one more step up the stairway to my dreams, I will help you even more to live the life you want.

And that’s the Charging the Lines experience…so far.

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