How to Get Paid More; Learn to Add More Value

I used to complain about how much I was earning from the two previous jobs I held. "I deserve more than this," I would always say.

But when I started my journey to become a problogger, one of the first lessons I learned was that we get paid for the value we add. Then, I realized that I was earning what I deserved because that's how much value I was giving to the companies I worked with.

In order to receive more value, you have to add more value. And in order to add more value, you should work on yourself and equip yourself with the skills and perspectives that help solve other people's problems. And more often than not, you have to pay for those skills and perspectives in advance.

"Success is an outcome that you pay for in advance.

Hustlers often want financial success. But they don’t believe that they should only create more value once they are paid more money. In fact, they believe that by creating more value they will be worth more money, and they focus on creating that value. The non-hustler believes that they should only do more work once they are paid some greater amount of money.

The hustler pays in advance by showing up early, staying late, and working harder than anyone else. The hustler looks for ways to create more value in everything do, putting more effort, more energy, and more care into everything they do. The non-hustler does the minimum required and not one bit more.

But hustlers don’t only apply this principle to financial success. They apply to every aspect of their life.

If a hustler’s goal is to strengthen their family relationships, the hustler does whatever it takes to invest their time and emotion now."


Article: The Hustler’s Playbook: Hustlers Pay for Success in Advance by Anthony Iannarino