How to Get Out of Your Slump

I went through a slump again these past few days. I wasn't able to write anything, move forward with the free guide I'm working on, and post something I'm grateful about on my Instagram account! I was grateful for a lot of things, but I just wasn't able to take photos of them.

When I'm on a slump, I feel bad about myself. I feel terrible even! It's only when I feel good about myself do I get the inspiration and the confidence to write, to act, and to move forward with whatever I'm doing.

If you want to get out of your slump, you have to address how you feel.

My feelings usually follow two things: my actions and my expectations.

First, I feel bad about myself whenever I fail to do any action on or take any step closer to my dreams. Worse, when I feel bad about myself, I have an even harder time acting or moving forward. It becomes a vicious cycle of getting stuck. The more I feel bad about myself, the less I act and the more I sink deeper into my slump.

That's why if you want to get out of your slump, you simply have to act. You have to act your way out of your slump. You have to act even without the motivation or the inspiration. You have to act even without the fire in your belly. The fire has got to start somewhere, right? And the fire usually start with a small spark, a small action.

In basketball, you are always told that "The only way out of a shooting slump is to shoot your way out of it."

Second, I pray a lot about my goals, dreams, and aspirations. But, there are still a lot of times when I feel discouraged. Yes, I know my faith isn't strong enough. But, I'm really trying to learn and increase my faith. Even though I pray a lot, I don't really expect my dreams to come true. That's why I still have a hard time getting myself pumped up even after praying.

Aside from praying more, you have to increase your faith by increasing your expectation. You have to expect that your dreams will come true. You have to expect yourself to achieve them. You have to believe in your ability to make things happen and to figure things out. After all, isn't it difficult to act when you don't expect any results to come out of your actions?

Open your eyes, your mind, and your heart to receive your blessings. Expect all your goals, hopes, and dreams to come true. Expect great things to happen in your life.

Finally, I'm out of my slump again and it only took two days! I'm really grateful. My slumps usually last for weeks or even months!

How about you? Are you in a slump in your work, in your business, or in your dreams?

Act your way out of it and expect great things to happen!