"How to Deal with Disappointment"

Lately, I've been feeling disappointed with myself. I've been feeling disappointed with the quality of my articles, my site's design, and, most of all, my website's traffic. But, I would realize, "Hey, I just restarted this blog less than a month ago. I took three hiatuses already that took months. I am still learning how to become a problogger." I realized that I am still learning.

This morning, I was feeling disappointed with myself again. So, I hit YouTube and went to Brendon Burchard's channel. And look what I found: How to Deal with Disappointment.

"Perfection doesn't happen ever. Ever. We can always be "perfecting" things, but we can never reach perfection. And knowing that now, if you realize you'll never reach perfection, you should never feel disappointed.
"Disappointment is a disservice to yourself. It has nothing to do with your progress in life.
"Having a learning mindset prevents you from being disappointed."

Thanks, Brendon.