How much have you done versus how much have you loved?

We usually evaluate our days based on how many tasks we check off our list.

We usually evaluate our days based on productivity—on how much we have done.

When we sum up all our days, they become the life we live. That's why how you evaluate your day is how you evaluate your life.

But, at the end of your life, will you be asking yourself how much you have done? I doubt it.

At the end of your life, you will be asking yourself, “How much have I loved?”

"How much have I loved my family?"

"How much have I loved my friends?"

"How much have I loved the people around me—my peers, my bosses, my customers, and the needy?"

It’s not so much what you have done for them, but how much you loved them and showed them you love them.

Just try imagining yourself on your death bed.

Or better yet, look at your reflection in front of a mirror and ask that person, “If today were the last day of your life, what would you do?”

I don’t think you’ll still be checking things off your list. I think you’ll be thinking of ways how you can love the people around you and show them that you love them.

And one of the things you will also probably realize, as I did last night, is to do work because you love your family, your boss, your customers, and your stakeholders. Doing your best at work (and doing the work that you love) is the best expression of your love. After all, most of your time is spent doing work. Why not do work that you love and do it the best way you can? Work because you love.

At the end of your life, it’s not about how much you have done. It’s about how much you have loved.