Hitting the Reset Button for the Nth Time

Discouragement, backlogs, negative emotions, negative people, mistakes, and failures (and even sins) brought me down again that I had to take another hiatus. How many times has that happened? I lost count already.

Instead of fighting through the things that discouraged me, catching up with my backlogs, confronting my negative emotions and the negative people in my life, correcting my mistakes, and turning around my failures, I just hit the reset button for the nth time and restarted my life and my writing.

Sometimes, things may get overwhelming that you don't know where and how to start turning them around. So, why not just hit the reset button (even if it means hitting it for the nth time) and start all over again?


P.S. Sorry for taking another hiatus. I just failed again in trying to be consistent. But on the brighter side, it took only six days when my previous ones took weeks and even months!