Helping Should Not Be a One-Shot Thing

Every year, a company has at least one Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR project.

Every year, a company plants trees, visits an orphanage, or does a medical mission in a community.

All is well and appreciated. The people get the help they need, the employees feel fulfilled, and the public feels good about the company even more, which, obviously, the company likes.

But, helping should not be a one-shot thing. Helping, like any change and progress, should be a consistent and long-term effort.

It is always important to follow through.

Have the trees you planted been growing? Maybe they need fertilizers regularly in order to grow and become stronger.

How are the children in the orphanage you visited? Have they already been adopted? Have they been studying well? Or are have they become too dependent on CSR programs? They do not only need food or a Christmas party. They need people whom they can talk to, role models from whom they can get answers to life's questions, and heroes who can inspire them on a regular basis.

How is the community you helped? Have they been following the health habits you taught them or are they just waiting for you to come back again next year?

If you really want to help, you have to see it through. You have to see your projects through. 

I think that will make helping more meaningful, not to mention more effective.

If you want to feed people, teach them how to fish. And teaching them how to fish is a long-term commitment and requires a lot of following through.