Find Your Own Way of Doing Things; Find Your Own Style

Last week, I had a hard time writing articles. And I even had a more difficult time writing long articles! I'm not sure if I already shared this with you, but you have to find your own way of doing things. You have to find your own style. 

For example, I won't write articles like "The 30 things you need to learn before 30" or other "viral" articles. First, because I need to write daily. I can't do that on a daily basis. Second, that's not my vision for the website. Third, I want my readers to remember and apply what I write. Finally, that's just simply not my style. (But of course, if I need to write those kinds of things for other people and for other blogs, I would gladly write those "viral" articles for them.)

No matter how "viral" they can possibly get, no matter how many "likes" or "shares" they can generate, and no matter how much the world may notice my website, I still wouldn't write those kinds of articles. It's more important for me to stay true to myself than conform to how the world wants me to write. I'd rather express myself than live my life inside the lines. (Hence, Charging the Lines.)

This does not only apply to writing. Are you expressing yourself in your work? Are you expressing yourself in living your life? Or are you living your life always worried about how others want you to live it?

Live the life you want. Do things your own way. Be silly. Take chances. Make mistakes. Find your own style.

Just enjoy your life. 


PS. From now on, I'll try to write at least one short article per day. From time to time, I still may write long articles and share other people's posts. But, my blog will be comprised mostly of short articles. Be sure to visit the blog everyday!

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