Finally Here: More Resources for Changing Your Life and Changes to the Website

This is just a quick post for today.

But after a long struggle with myself whether to promote affiliate products on my site or not, I am very happy to announce our new recommended resources page! Thanks to a friend and officemate for giving me this idea.

In this page are the programs I am currently learning from and, in the future, programs that I'm using for my own website and business. I just need to finalize some things with the merchants. Who knows? Maybe I can get them to give you discounts in the future. We'll see.


Also, changes to the website have finally been made (after months of procrastinating)!

First, you can check out our new about page! I hope this gives you more clarity on what Charging the Lines is all about! Lesson learned: Don't use too much metaphors for changing the world.

Second, if you're a world changer already making a difference in the lives of other people, you can nominate yourself here so we can feature you on our website!

Finally, we made some minor "unnoticeable" changes to the website to make it easier to read and navigate! We like keeping things simple.

That's it for today!

Don't forget to keep changing the world!