Everything Happens for a Reason Indeed

On the 28th of May 2013, I quit my promising job at a “Big-Four” auditing firm to pursue a blogging career. I love you, three-initials auditing firm! Thank you for all the lessons! If only employment were really my thing, I would have loved to pursue a long-term career in the firm!

On the third day of March 2014, I had to go back to the corporate world because I used up all my savings in pursuing a blogging career.

I tried to stay positive all the time and told other people that I was thankful I tried to pursue my dreams and that I had no regrets. But, there were still times when I thought I failed miserably and wasted my time, my savings, and my effort. I would think to myself, “I would have already saved this much if I hadn’t left!"

Last night, I met with my cousin and her husband to discuss some things about their businesses and their businesses’ websites. They asked for help regarding their websites’ content, marketing, and design.

That’s when I realized that even though I “failed” in making my blog profitable during the time when I was unemployed, I learned so much about writing content, marketing, and design. In one year of being unemployed, I learned how to write better (or so I think), do online marketing, and design websites! I learned how to use different tools as well! Most importantly, I learned so much about the things I loved to do!

Aside from my cousin and her husband’s businesses and websites, I will also be doing a marketing plan and a website for a friend’s resort (together with some friends).

I guess I didn’t really fail during my almost-one-year stint of being unemployed. God simply equipped me with the tools I needed to succeed. Now, my “failures" are starting to make sense. 

This morning, I was also reading the story of David and how he tended sheep and protected them from lions and bears. Before he even faced Goliath, God equipped David with the skills he needed.

I guess there really are no failures…only lessons.

How about you? Do your failures not make any sense right now? Don’t worry. They will, in time. In God's perfect time. In my case, my failures made sense only after more than a year. Everything happens for a reason indeed.


P.S. In my third shot at employment, God taught me to appreciate and respect the people working in the corporate world. It’s a humbling lesson to learn and a nice perspective to have. He also taught me to be more patient with my entrepreneurial dreams.