Every Time It Becomes About Me

... it becomes stressful. 

... it loses its purpose other than my own selfish pride and ego.

... pride gets in the way—in the form of shyness, of being too self-conscious, of thinking "am I worthy enough to do this," and of trying too hard to please others. 

... I get easily burnt out.

... I forget why I even started in the first place. 

... I feel like quitting. 

Constantly, I have to remind myself that I'm writing not only for myself, but also for my readers. I'm writing not only to express myself or my thoughts, but also to make the difference that I can make (in someone else's life at the very least). 

There's a purpose why I started. And it wasn't all about me.

How about you? Are you feeling stressed or burnt out? Maybe it has become about you... too much about you. 

Remember why you started. Most likely, you started for others, for your family, for your loved ones, and for other people in need.

You'll feel better and start doing better when you remember.