Embrace the Role You Are Called to Play

Every Sunday, I take a break from writing about WorkLife, and Changing the World. Instead, I write about my imperfect understanding of God’s perfect love as my personal mission to spread His word and His love and to make a difference. You can read more Mission posts here.

I’ve always wondered why God didn’t allow Moses to enter the promised land. In the scriptures, it was because Moses (together with Aaron) "did not have confidence in God, to acknowledge His holiness before the Israelites (Numbers 20:12).”  That was when the Israelites grumbled against God when they were thirsty. 

Aside from our complaints being the cause of our delays (they said that the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land should have taken only 14 days, but it took the Israelites 40 years), I think there’s another reason why God didn’t allow Moses to enter the Promised Land—to make Moses a model of humility.

God used Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. He used Moses to lead them in the desert. He used Moses to deliver His commandment to His people. Moses had always been there in their journey. Yet, Moses never saw it to completion. The credit of completing the journey didn’t go to him. It went to Joshua.

Yet, Moses did not complain. Moses did not grumble. Moses did not abandon his calling. He accepted it. He embraced it. He did the best that he could despite knowing that he would never see it to completion. And doing all those required a lot of humility.

If I were in Moses shoes (or sandals), I would have quit. I would have grumbled and complained. Why start something knowing that I wouldn’t be credited for it in the end? Why do something knowing that I wouldn’t be the one to finish it?

Yet, God shows us, through Moses, that when we are called to do His work, we have to accept the roles He assigned to us. We can be the ones who are called to get things started. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are the ones who are called to finish them. It can be the Joshuas in our lives. Still, we have to accept what God has called us to do (and do it really, really well). We have to be joyful with what He called us to do. Even if we will not be the ones to take credit.

He may not have called us to preach, to lead, to start, or to finish. But, the role He has given us is just as important. We may not understand it now (especially using the world’s standards) and we may never fully understand it ever. His ways are higher than our ways.

We just have to trust, to be humble enough to embrace our roles, to take action, and to move forward.


P.S. I think Moses had gone back to the Father very happy and fulfilled. God showed Him the whole Promised Land even if he wasn’t able to enter it (Deuteronomy 34). It would have been a sight to behold, a sight beyond his wildest dreams. For Moses, it was still “Mission Accomplished” and more. Probably, more.


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