Don't Wait for the Perfect Circumstances; Act Now

Don't wait until you become a manager to perform well in your job. Don't wait until you save millions to start a business. Don't wait for other people to love you before you love them. Don't wait for the perfect circumstances to happen before you start acting on your dreams. Act now. Pursue your dreams now.

"You have ambitions in life, and to accomplish those ambitions, you do hell lot of things; you make a never ending to-do-list, wait for the perfect circumstances to arrive and you keep on dreaming about it every single day.

But the harsh truth is, you are just dreaming about it, not doing anything to make it happen.

Sorry to say, in reality, you are pushing them farther. There are no perfect circumstances, you cannot wait for all the lights to be green to drive your car away.

You just have to act in the present, ACT RIGHT NOW or get ready to live the same ordinary life that you have been living."


Article: 20 Inspiring Live Now Quotes that Remind You to Live in the Present by Vishnu Verma

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