Don't Settle on Your Plan B

I'm really blessed because of my job.

I get to practice some of the things I learned in school and in my previous jobs. I have a wonderful and very understanding boss. I also get to meet new and interesting people from all over the country. It's really fun! Who am I to complain?

But most of the time, I still find myself downcast and thinking about something else: my Plan A.

Right now, I'm in my Plan B which is being employed. My Plan A is becoming a full-time writer, entrepreneur, missionary, and servant. 

I don't have any complaints about my Plan B. But, Plan B is still Plan B. It's still not what I want for my life.

No matter how wonderful your Plan B is, it's still just Plan B. Fall backs are still fall backs.

Usually, life is not a choice between good and bad. It's a choice between good and great. Don't settle for "good enough." Strive to achieve greatness.

"Rancho," the main character in the movie, The Three Idiots, said, "Pursue excellence and success will follow, pants down."

Never settle for a good life. Stop living someone else's life even if it's a good one! Live your own life, follow your own Plan A, and pursue excellence!

Well, some guts for me to say to follow your Plan A when I, myself, am in my Plan B. I'm working on my Plan A while I'm still in Plan B! Good thing they're not mutually exclusive. 

While I'm waiting and working on my Plan A, I have to learn to be grateful for being in a pretty good Plan B. But, I must never lose sight of (and never stop working on) my Plan A. Failure is not an option.

A good friend shared this quote by Robin Sharma with me, "There is no need in having a plan B since it distracts from plan A.”

How about you? Are you in your Plan A or Plan B? Scrap your Plan B (or at least work towards scrapping it someday)!


P.S. I'm only talking about your Plan B. If it's God's Plan B for your life, it's certainly much better than your Plan A. Even His Plan Z is better than your Plan A! Trust in His plan for your life. After all, my Plan A right now is different from my Plan A in the past, which is becoming a top executive.