Don't Look for Work; Let Work Come to You

I really wish I can say that work is the one looking for me and not the other way around. But, I have to be honest. I'm not yet at that point.

Last night, my brother caught us by surprise when he told us that he might leave his job soon. Some other friends also expressed their desire to move on from the companies they are working with. I guess that's the trending topic nowadays.

What usually comes after that is the question, "Where do you want to go next?"

The usual answer is, "I will look for a job that is this or that or that will teach me to do this or that."

Instead of looking for a better opportunity, for work that offers more work-life balance, or for a job that is both challenging and satisfying, why not just do the work that you love now and let the clients come to you?

Attract potential clients by showcasing your skills! Let the world know what you have to offer by publishing your work for free!

Don't wait to land a job before you practice and deliver your craft. Deliver your craft now!

You don't even have to do it full-time. You can do it on the side while you are employed! I'm employed right now while working on my blog and attracting clients.

Need some ideas? If you want to land a writing job, you can start your own blog for free at Medium, Wordpress, or Tumblr. If you're into photography, you can start your own website and upload your portfolio there. Who knows? You may not only get clients, but also offer your pictures for download for a price in the future a la Getty Images.

Whatever it is you would love to do, chances are you can do it now! Deliver now and keep honing your skills. Sooner, rather than later, work is the one that will come looking for and chasing after you. Make yourself valuable and people will pay value for what you're doing.

Need some inspiration? Khan Academy, one of the largest online learning websites, started as a Youtube channel teaching kids for free. Hugh MacLeod, a cartoonist, gave his cartoons away for free until he became one of the most sought after artists for office art.

How about you? What work will you start today? Let work come to you by doing it now.