Don't Do Hard Work, Do Meaningful Work


That's how I felt after listening to Chris Guillebeau's interview with business strategist Danielle LaPorte.

I learned so many business lessons from her interview like creating firestarter sessions for your clients, building your website architecture, and branding your business based on your personality.

But, what really stuck with me were her thoughts on hard work. She said, "It's about good work. It's not about hard work. It’s not about suffering over the suffering."

Wow. Just wow. I've been working hard on my blog lately that I no longer enjoy blogging. 

Her point is that it's not just about doing hard work. It's also about doing good work that you enjoy and that makes sense to you.

Also, do work that gives value to other people, that is meaningful to others as well, and that can make other people's lives better.

Are you doing good work now? Do you enjoy what you do? Does your work have meaning to you? How about to other people?


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