Don't Carry Your Cross Alone

In whatever journey you are taking, there will be times when the burdens and challenges become too heavy for you. Try as you might, there will be times when you cannot carry your cross anymore, at least, not alone. But, that’s okay. You don’t have to do so alone.

Even Jesus didn’t. Simon of Cyrene was there to help Him.

Two weeks ago, while I was attending a conference, I remembered how Simon of Cyrene was pressed to carry the cross of Jesus. It was amazing that in those moments when Jesus showed signs of vulnerability and of being human, He was still teaching us something:

It’s okay to ask for help

I will never understand the ways of God. Jesus was His beloved Son. Yet, why didn’t the Father allow Jesus to carry His cross alone on the way to Calvary, on the way to His great sacrifice? Why didn’t God allow Jesus to carry His cross alone to show how powerful He was?

Maybe God is teaching us that it is okay to ask for help in whatever journey we are taking. It takes a lot of humility (and maturity) to admit that we need help from other people. Maybe God is teaching us to be humble.

Many of us have a desire to be great. That’s why we love reading about stories of great men like Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, and our favorite heroes, personalities, athletes, and leaders. 

But, when we try to learn more about their lives, we’ll understand that they had help along the way. Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak early on. He also had Jony Ive who was (and still is) instrumental to Apple’s product designs. Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson, and the whole Bulls’ team (and front office). Even King David had Jonathan who helped him escape the wrath of King Saul many times. Captain America: The First Avenger was a good movie. But, The Avengers movies, wherein he had help, were far more epic!

Are the trials, challenges, and burdens already too heavy for you to carry? Maybe you don’t have to carry them alone. It’s okay to ask for help. But, it takes a lot of humility to do so. Will you be humble enough to ask for help?

The journey is meant to be shared

Maybe God also didn’t mean for us to go through our respective journeys alone. Maybe He meant for our journeys to be shared.

Whenever Jesus went on a journey, He took other people with Him. When Jesus started His ministry, He told fishermen to follow Him. He journeyed with other people. Over time, His followers grew to a large number journeying from one town to another. Even on His final journey to Calvary, maybe God made Simon of Cyrene take the journey with Him. And maybe that is God’s way of bringing others to Him.

It is through a journey, a process, that we can bring other people to Him and Him to other people. He wants us to take others with us on our journeys.

Besides, the journey is much more fun when other people are with you. God designed it that way.

Are you bringing other people with you on your journey?

Share your journey with others. Better yet, share your life with others.