Do You Want to Live and Work from Anywhere in the World?

Today, I'm happy to announce a new Unconventional Guide from my favorite author, Chris Guillebeau, and nomadic financial planner, Nora Dunn: Working on the Road

The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom

Working on the Road

Master the skills to work from anywhere and take your career abroad

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I'll be taking this course pretty soon so I can replace my income from my day job by working from anywhere--even at the comforts of our own house!

But, this is not about me. This is about you.

Live the Life You Want Anywhere in the World

Do you dream of going on a vacation without asking for permission from your boss?

Do you dream of traveling to every country in the world?

Do you dream of flying out of the country not only during a long weekend, but also for extended periods of time?

Do you also wish to get out of a job you don't like, avoid getting stuck in traffic every waking moment of your life, and draft your 9-to-5 escape plan?

Then, Working on the Road is the course for you.

You Don't Need Another Story

You've probably heard of or read inspiring stories of people living the lives they want and working from anywhere in the world. I have a friend who does just that! In fact, there are probably tens or even hundreds of thousands of people already living the nomadic life.

You don't need another "inspiring story" to get started.

What you need are highly practical pieces of advice on how to do it and some tools and resources which can make your life easier.

What you need is a plan of attack!

Working on the Road gives you practical advice, provides you with tools and resources you need to get started, and helps you draft a plan of attack!

What It's Not

The course is not just about starting your online business. There's more to online work than just creating your own brand.

It explores a wide variety of careers, jobs, and entrepreneurial endeavors!

It's also not just for young people.

It's designed for people from all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are single, married, or already have kids, Working on the Road is for you!

What You'll Receive

Working on the Road gives you a complete plan of action to finally live your life and work from anywhere in the world. By taking the course, you will:

  • Gain access to tools and resources that will make life easier when you're finally working abroad
  • Receive practical advice on how to enjoy your nomadic life: Don't trade one rat race for another
  • Learn all the little things you need to know like insurance, visas, bank accounts, and even WiFi
  • Plan the budget that works for you; and
  • Learn from case studies of nomads who are already living and working on the road

It's Your Turn to Live and Work from Anywhere

You've heard their inspiring stories. Now, it's your turn to pack your bags (and your passport) and get paid!

Learn more about Working on the Road or get it here (starts at just $49).

Is This Not For You?

If this course is not for you, that's okay! Life is not one-size-fits-all!

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