Do You Have an Inventory of Your Skills?

Day Two:

Yesterday, I started sharing with you my journey to finding and doing work that matters—to me and to others. I started sharing with you my journey to finding work on the internet.

I also shared with you that I prepared an inventory of skills I have learned from two years of blogging some time back. Today, I want to share those skills with you. But, before that, why is having an inventory of skills important? Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. It helps you know what you are capable of doing. It helps you understand what you can already do, offer, and deliver now.
  2. It helps you know what you can already offer to the market. How do skills become useful? Skills become useful when others have a need for them. By knowing what skills you already have, you can match them with what the market needs. After all, it is the market that will reward you for your skills.
  3. It serves a starting point to know what skills you need to learn. I already tried looking at jobs available online. I found out that there are skills employers require that I already have. At the same time, there are skills they require that I do not have. Most of the time, a skill can only be useful when it is used in combination with another skill. By having an inventory of skills, you will have an idea on what you need to learn or work on next.
  4. It will be easier to create a portfolio. In a future blog post, I will be writing about creating your online portfolio. I already took some courses on how to find work online and one of the exercises in those courses is to showcase your portfolio to employers. As I was listing down my skills, I had lots of ideas on how to create my portfolio based on the skills I already have. It's like creating a resume—online!
  5. Perhaps, most importantly, it helps build your confidence. My friend, who’s a highly-paid freelancer, told me that applying for a freelance job is just a game of confidence. (By the way, he’s also subscribed to my blog and he gives me feedback and advice from time to time. So, we're in good hands. Thanks, friend!) Knowing that you already have a lot of skills will definitely give you confidence to apply for a job.

My inventory of skills is not a sophisticated list. I just wrote my skills on Evernote and copied them here. You don’t really need to make a sophisticated list. You just need to make one.

Here’s my very unsophisticated list of skills:

  • Blogging and writing (Tools: Wordpress, Squarespace)
  • Graphic design (Tools: Photoshop, Picmonkey, Canva, and Piktochart)
  • Email marketing (Tools: AWeber, MailChimp, MadMimi)
  • Social media management (Tools: Buffer, Hootsuite, Zapier, IF)
  • Social media marketing (Tools/ Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus)
  • Copywriting

Aside from my skills, I also listed down the tools I use. After all, knowing how to use different tools is a skill. I'd like to think that it will also impress potential employers. (But remember, it's not about impressing others. It's about adding value.) Also, it would be helpful for employers to see whether you already know how to use the tools they're using, in case you do.

Believe me, all these tools are very easy to use, let alone learn. When an entrepreneur asked me what tools I use, he told me that I can already apply as a social media manager with the skills I have. Well, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll definitely try to apply one of these days. Of course, you’ll know about it. I’ll update you daily here on the blog.

How about you? Do you already have an inventory of your skills? Share them with us!

Lastly, as I was revisiting my old notes and the courses I took, having an inventory of skills is not enough. Far from it. This is just a starting point. You have to communicate the skills you have with prospective employers, clients, or partners. How? By speaking in their language. By sharing your inventory of skills in their language.

That’s what I’ll write about tomorrow. For now, can you share with me an inventory of your skills? Let’s learn from each other.