Did You Build Your Own Cage?

I just love Seth Godin's blog post yesterday. It was simple, but it really got me thinking. Typical Seth Godin. That's why he's one of my favorite bloggers and writers out there. I suggest you regularly visit his blog as well to improve your life and your business. He's also one of the best marketers out there! You'll learn so much from him.

"So much freedom, so much choice, so many opportunities to matter.

And yet, our cultural instinct is to find a place to hold us, a spot where we are safe from the responsibility/obligation/opportunity to choose. Because if we choose, then we are responsible, aren't we?" -- Seth Godin

Last Wednesday, I was reviewing my notes from one of the seminars I attended two years ago. On my notes, I wrote down the things I wanted to learn. There were so many of them!

A year later, I learned so much about blogging and other business, marketing, and technical stuff. That was the time when I was employed and pursued blogging full time. It was one of the most creative, exciting, and life-changing years I ever had! I really grew and learned a lot! Most importantly, I had freedom to do what I want and choose who I wanted to be. I was responsible for my life.

A year after that, I needed to get back to the corporate world because I spent all my savings trying to pursue a blogging career. Now, I'm working again.

But last Wednesday, I realized that I learned some things in my career. I was also able to apply some of the things I learned in my previous jobs like financial modeling.  But, I didn't learn as much as I did compared to when I was unemployed.

Somehow, I felt quite sad. There's so much to learn outside my job, but I don't have the luxury of time. I still need my day job to pay some debts.  (Don't worry. I'm also doing some things aside from my day job to replace my income. But, I'm still working on them.)

I want my freedom back, but I was the one who built and entered my own cage. After all, in my cage, it's so much more comfortable: a career path has been set, I'm getting paid each month, and I have bosses telling me what to do each day. I let go some of the responsibilities for my life.

But, my dreams are not inside my cage. My dreams are out there. Learning is out there. Excitement is out there. Life is out there!

How about you? Did you build your own cage? Have you become too comfortable in it?