Conventions Can Be Limiting...But

Conventions can indeed be limiting.

Conventional schooling does not prepare you for all the challenges you will face in real life. It does not encourage failing until you get things right and figure things out. After all, isn't it in your failures where you learn the most? But, schooling bombards you with a lot of home works, assignments, and lessons you will barely use when you get out of school just so you will not have the time to question and challenge the system and settle becoming a cog in the wheel of the conventional world.

A conventional nine-to-five job cages you from the exciting stuff out there. It conditions your mind that you can learn practical and useful things only through employment. There's so much to learn and so many things to try outside of employment! With the help of the internet, you can learn almost everything for free. Is there anything in particular you want to learn? Just google it.

A conventional life teaches you to study hard, land a good job, stay with the company for the rest of your productive life, raise a family in between, and retire comfortably. But, where are the excitement, the bold ambitions, and the unrealistic dreams like making people fly and bringing man to the moon? The people who made them happen did not live conventional lives, that's for sure.

Conventions do not encourage creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, or trying out several paths to a destination. They do not encourage excitement, aliveness, and living life with big dreams and ambitions. They do not even encourage living.

Yes, we know that conventions can be limiting. But, why follow conventions still?

Conventions are certain. Conventions are tried and tested. Following conventions is being in your comfort zone and things are always easier in your comfort zone. It's a lot less painful to follow conventions than to challenge them. Or is it? Isn't it more painful to live life with regrets and what ifs?

How about you? Will you just let this day pass without challenging the conventions in your life? Will you just let this day pass without grabbing the opportunity to live your life with excitement, with fire, and with aliveness even if it means going out of your comfort zone? Or are you already okay with being a cog in the wheel of a conventional world? It's up to you. Most things in your life are.