Changing the first day of work

After being employed by three companies in four years, I would like to think that I’m already an expert on “First Day” of work.

Here’s how it usually goes: You arrive at the office thirty to sixty minutes ahead of time because you’re still very excited about your new work and you want to make a good first impression. When you boss arrives, he or she introduces you to the whole team and gives you a tour of the building. For some reason, bosses understand human nature very well as they never fail to bring you to the nearest comfort room and the pantry. Then, he or she gives you a handbook wherein all the rules and guidelines are. You just read all those rules and guidelines the whole day. Congratulations on your first day! You go home and tell your loved ones how your first day went.

During your first day of work, you usually get oriented on what you shouldn’t do. You are oriented on your limits and boundaries—what you shouldn’t wear, what you shouldn’t do, where you shouldn’t go, and what you shouldn't do when dealing with your clients or customers.

But, what about what you should do? What about the endless possibilities of doing your work, in your career? What about how far you can go and what you can achieve? What about the difference that you can make?

Instead of a list of what you cannot do, why not give you a list of what you can do and achieve?

Instead of a handbook of rules, why not give you a handbook of what’s possible in your career?

Instead of focusing on limits and boundaries, why not focus on possibilities?

Instead of a instilling fear of making a mistake, why not instill excitement, encouragement, and empowerment?

Instead of creating a culture of fear, of stern “professionalism,” why not create a culture of courage, boldness, honesty, authenticity, and kindness?

Wouldn’t that be a better first day of work?

It's not our limits and boundaries that take us far, it's the possibilities. And the possibilities are endless.