Change the World No Matter Where You are and What You Do

How do you make a difference in the world? Is it by putting up a business and providing jobs to the unemployed? Or starting a non-profit organization and serving the poor and marginalized?

Dan Pacholke of the Washington State Department of Corrections makes a difference in the world by doing neither of the two. He makes a difference by making prison a place where inmates can live meaningful lives and do meaningful work.

You can change the world no matter where you are and no matter what you do.

"I believe, and my experience tells me, that when we change the way we think, we create new possibilities, or futures, and prisons need a different future.

Prisons can do some things we never thought they could do. Prisons can be the source of innovation and sustainability, repopulating endangered species and environmental restoration. Inmates can be scientists and beekeepers, dog rescuers. Prisons can be the source of meaningful work and opportunity for staff and the inmates who live there."


Read the transcript: How Prison Can Help Inmates Live Meaningful Lives by Dan Pacholke on TED