Catch People Doing Something Right

Do you know what students do when the teacher is not around? Nope, they don't rejoice, play, and party inside the classroom. They list down those who are noisy, those who are standing, and those who are not in their proper seats.

Even when we were young, we were trained to catch people doing the wrong things.

Now that we are grown ups, we still try to catch our officemates, our people, or our employees doing the wrong things and surprise them with our peer evaluation or our performance feedback. In our annual reviews, we tell them all the wrong things we caught them doing for an entire year.

No wonder more employees try to please their bosses than their customers. They are worried more about what their bosses will say than their customers' experiences.

This happens not only at work, but also in life.

Instead of catching people (even yourself) doing something wrong, catch them doing something right. Build trust by letting them know you are on their side. Let them know that you want them to grow and to succeed. As Ken Blanchard and Don Hutson put it in their book, The One Minute Entrepreneur, help people get As. Uplift and motivate them.

In case they are no longer on the right path, guide them back right away. Don't surprise them in their performance feedback and evaluation.

Pretty soon, your organization will prosper as you will have people acting as partners than employees.

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