Bring Humanity Back to the Workplace

The workplace has become a soulless place for far too long.

We have become obsessed with growth, revenues, and the bottomline. 

We have become obsessed with stock prices, total assets, and market capitalization. 

Sadly, the world has become a reflection of the workplace—soulless, lifeless, and devoid of meaning. That’s probably why employees everywhere are leaving their jobs.

Maybe it's time to bring our humanity back to work. 

Maybe it's time to bring our emotions, our virtues, our care, our families, our spirituality, and our souls back to work. 

Yes, it may mean less efficiency, but in the world today, maybe what we need is not efficiency. Maybe we need to stop and think about the meaning behind each task. We need a deeper meaning for what we do.

Maybe we also don't need to do more. We need to do better. And we can only figure out how to do better by slowing down, taking a step back, and seeing things in a different perspective.

Yes, bringing your kid or your pet to work may prove to be a distraction. But, maybe it's better for your colleagues to see you not as just another office worker, but as a human capable of loving and caring for a young kid or a pet.

Maybe it's better for all of us to see others as humans as well. 

It may mean being more open, more personal, and more vulnerable. But, deep inside each of us, there's a soul crying to come out. 

We all desire to express and to be our true selves—caring, loving, emotional, and human—especially at work, where we spend most of our productive time. Maybe it’s time to do so.

Now, more than ever, the world, which has become impersonal, lifeless, and soulless, needs humans more than workers.