Being at Peace with Waiting

We are all familiar with the saying, “Patience is a virtue.” 

But for the longest time, I’ve been saying, “Patience is not my virtue.” Oh well.

Life is a series of waiting:

  • We wait nine months to be born.
  • We wait for the right person to come.
  • We wait four years to graduate from college.
  • We wait years or even decades to get a promotion (hopefully, not that long though).
  • We wait for our businesses to succeed.
  • I’ve been waiting for a year for this blog grow (and four years to achieve some level of professional and financial success).

At some point, no matter how hard we work or how hard we try, all we can do is wait.

A plant starts as a seed. No matter how much we water it, expose it to sunlight, or even put some fertilizer on it, at some point, all we can do is wait for it to sprout.

The same goes for our dreams. No matter how much we cultivate them, at some point, all we can do is wait. And we have to be at peace with waiting. It will help us appreciate the journey even more.

Hustle while you wait, but wait patiently still. Wait patiently, but always keep hustling.

The greatest stories ever told involved a lot of waiting, routine, and monotony. Still, the heroes and heroines didn’t mind the waiting. In fact, they were at peace with the waiting… while they kept hustling.

Oh, and the greatest things in life are worth waiting for.