Awaken the Child in You and Live without Limits

Do you want to live a life without limits? Just go back to the time when you thought everything was possible. To the time when you can be whoever you wanted to be. To the time when you were a child - courageous enough to dream and humble enough to learn.

Unfortunately, you really can't be a child again. But, you can be childlike and dream again.

"Learn how to awaken the child in you.

Creativity is your best friend when it comes to change. Everyone is born with the infinite well. But when you grow up (aging), fears and doubts settle. This is what limits the potential of the imagination are we supposed to possess.

If you need a guru of creativity, do not look far: Just watch a young child. Watch how he plays.

You will learn valuable lessons about imagination and originality. Children always remind us that we must embrace our fears, and that nothing is impossible if one perseveres.

An example: The other day, I was at a restaurant with friends and their 2 year old daughter. She kept trying to reach the silverware. They were therefore placed a little further on a doily. Guess what she did? She said, “Well, if you do not want me to reach the ware, I’ll move the doily to me” … Simply. And that’s what people forget to do.

We often forget to have this humility and perseverance that bring newness in our lives."


Article: 7 Ways to Make Things Happen in Your Life by Ejike Info