Are You Setting Yourself Apart?

I’m a big fan of Seth Godin’s

Last week, I started reading his marketing best-seller, Purple Cow. (I highly recommend reading this book.)

There are already so many business lessons I learned which I’m trying to apply on my blog and I am not done reading it yet. There are so many more lessons to come! Seth is an amazing storyteller and marketer. 

But, the main story in Purple Cow is this:

You are on a long drive from the big city to a small town. On the highway, you slowly begin to notice the change in scenery—from urban to rural.

You see a cow for the first time in a long while (maybe after so many years)—a brown cow. You get excited. You take out your smart phone and take pictures of it.

Then, as you speed along the highway, you see another brown cow. And then another. And then another.

After a while, seeing a brown cow becomes boring. After all, they’re all pretty much the same.

But, imagine if you suddenly see a purple cow. What would you do? Wouldn’t you stop your car and take a second look? A third look? Wouldn’t you even get out of your car and check out the purple cow?

The same applies with your business.

Chances are you offer a service or a product similar to what someone else is already offering.

If you want people to take a second or third look at what you are doing, you have to be a purple cow in a sea of boring brown cows.

After all, you are not the only freelancer, entrepreneur, or sales professional in your field or industry.

You have to stand out.


By being remarkable.

By going the extra mile with your offering.

By differentiating yourself from other businesses, individuals, or freelancers doing the same thing you are doing or offering the same products.

Also, in this day and age of self-publishing, remember that being remarkable isn’t just about standing out anymore. It’s about being completely and genuinely unique. What you do also has to add value to be worth looking at a second or third time.

An executive shared that their company ran a seemingly successful ad campaign. Many people remembered their ad on TV. It got so much feels. But in reality, the ad failed because it failed to convert viewers to buyers. The level of their sales remained the same. The executive concluded that the campaign was a failure. After all, isn’t that the purpose of advertisements?

Why did the advertisement fail? There are probably a lot of factors. But one of the main factors was because the product itself was not remarkable.

No matter how great you market yourself or your business, if your core or the core of your business is not remarkable, you will still fail.

So, be remarkable. It’s the only way to succeed.

Be a purple cow.


  1. Ask yourself: Am I being remarkable in what I do or am I just doing what others are doing? Am I just offering exactly the same product or service or am I offering something unique?
  2. Make a list of five things you can do to differentiate yourself from others offering similar (not the same) products or service.


We'll be using the hashtag #Roadto1000 all throughout this series.

In this day and age of self-publishing, we need only 1,000 true fans to make a living doing what we love. That's what we are striving for.

Also, that's one of the missions of Charging the Lines: To build 1,000 houses for 1,000 families. 

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