Are You Looking for Ways to "Kill" Time?

Whenever we are bored, we are not living each moment as if it's our last. We may not exactly be living life with purpose.

After all, there's so much to do out there and so many people who actually need our time.

Shouldn't each moment be filled with excitement and aliveness?

Shouldn't we be present in every moment of our lives?

After all, we never know when it will be our last. Whenever we feel like wasting or killing time, maybe we should think about those who are on their last breath wishing that they had more time.

Because most of us have been far removed from farming and other manual labor, we have too much time on our hands. And we have been looking for ways to pass all these time. That's why we have so many pastimes

We look to get some high from our pastimes even when they are not meaningful. (*coughs* Candy Crush *coughs*) At the end of the day, our pastimes simply become meaningless escapes from our reality.

But let's face it, we have to go back to our reality sooner or later.

Why not have more meaningful pastimes instead? Or better, why not align your pastimes with your life's work?

Of course, don't leave out the fun. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (And yeah, probably from time to time, it's nice to just escape from reality and be silly. But, it wouldn't hurt to escape or to be silly with a purpose, would it?)