Are you building a bridge?

No matter what you are doing right now, one time or another, you have to take the leap to get to the next step or the next level. 

Are you employed? You will have to take the leap when you get promoted. You'll take the leap of having more responsibilities and being accountable to bigger things. Are you ready for that leap?

This one is the leap you're more familiar with: the leap from employment to entrepreneurship. When you take that leap, you'll have a different set of responsibilities and accountabilities as well. Also, you will no longer have the comforts of having a stable income. That one is the scarier consequence of taking the leap. 

There's also taking the leap in your relationships. When you take any of your relationships to the next level, you'll be leaving yourself more open and more vulnerable than ever. That's the consequence of building relationships. And being vulnerable is never comfortable. 

The good news is: you don't have to really leap from point A to point B. You don't have to take all the risks in one stride. Instead, you can slowly build a bridge. 

Do you want to be promoted (or at least get yourself ready for a promotion)? Study what the responsibilities of the higher position are. Do more than what you are required. (Okay, I'm guilty of not doing this because I'm taking the second type of leap soon.) Work on the tasks of someone in the position you're aspiring to have. That way, when your promotion comes, you'll be ready. 

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? You don't have to leave your job immediately. You can build a business slowly on the side. You can leave your day job when your business can finally support your lifestyle. (Although I must admit, this doesn't work for everyone. Especially for those who are easily distracted—like myself.)

Do you want to have better relationships? You don't have to go all in right away. Not only will it be uncomfortable for you, it will also be uncomfortable for the other person. Instead, build a genuine relationship slowly. Initiate short and small talks. Smile. Do the little things. 

No matter what you're doing right now and what you're aspiring to happen, ask yourself, "Am I building a bridge?"


P.S. Are you looking to land a job? Build a bridge by gaining experience.