Are You Betting Your Whole Life on What You Do?

I just realized that I’m betting my future on this blog.

Because I have divided attention, I’m not really going the extra mile in my day job. Even though I deliver what is required of me, there’s still so much I can do. (And I still have so much time, which I use for my blog.)

That’s why I’m not very confident that I will get promoted in my day job, unless I really focus on it. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not good at multi-tasking. But, I have laser-focus (during the rare times that I do focus).

Thus, should this blog fail, I really don't know what will happen to me in the future. I'm betting it all on this blog!

But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My blog is what gives me purpose. My blog is what allows me to pursue my passion. That’s why I’m willing to bet my future, even my whole life, on it.

I really love motivating people (even though I’m demotivated myself at times). I love connecting with them. I love it when I feel like I’m making even a small difference in other people's lives by pushing them to live their passion and pursue their purpose, especially when they feel like giving up.

Maybe when, not if, my blog finally reaches 1,000 subscribers, I would look back on this post and say, “I passed the test by betting it all.”

Maybe taking the leap doesn’t mean you have to leave your day job. But somehow, it requires betting everything on what you really want to do.


P.S. Then again, if it doesn't work out eventually, trust and believe that it will lead you to better things. Everything happens for a reason. Just as important: trust in your ability to figure things out.

P.P.S. If you find my posts helpful to you in achieving your dreams, you are most welcome to subscribe!