Action Trumps Motivation Every Time

"Just one dungeon."

It was eight in the evening when I turned on my brother's Playstation Vita and played Final Fantasy IV. I said I would just clear one dungeon which usually takes me thirty minutes or so.

One dungeon turned into two dungeons. Then, three. Then, four dungeons. I also went through multiple boss battles.

I looked at my phone after playing and was surprised that it was already one in the morning! I remembered I needed to wake up early because I still had work to do during the day.

In the morning, I felt bad about myself because I spent almost five hours playing! I wasn't able to write an article, work on my new free guide, and design stuff for the website as I originally planned for the evening.

Well, I was very motivated. I was very determined to work hard that evening. I also know I was disciplined enough.

But that night, it's not motivation or discipline that I lacked. I simply lacked action.

Sometimes, we don't need motivation to do the right thing. We just have to do it.

No amount of self-help books or inspirational talks can do your tasks for you. Only action gets things done.

Well, I had some excuses that night like I was very tired after a long day at work. But, they're still just that—excuses.

Time to take action.