A Tale of Two Taxi Drivers

He stopped right in front of me.

I opened the door of his taxi and he asked where I was going.

I told him, "The Fort."

It was rush hour.

He asked me if I could pay him 200 pesos, which was twice my usual fare.

I politely said no.

I closed the door and he drove away.

I waited for more than ten minutes for another taxi.

When another one finally stopped right in front of me.

I opened the door, but he didn't ask where I was going.

I told him anyway.

Then, he just nodded his head signalling me to get in the cab.

I got in the cab and he drove.

We chatted during the whole thirty-minute drive.

His name is Rizaldy.

He was really friendly... and chatty. He even offered me some fish crackers.

When we arrived at our destination, I paid 200 pesos when my bill was a little over a hundred.

He was surprised.

He smiled even wider and thanked me.

If only he knew how thankful I was for him. After all, I waited for more than ten minutes under the scorching sun.

I told him, "Sa susunod po ulit." (Until next time.)

Because he made me believe in people's goodness again.

Overused as it may be, he restored my faith in humanity.

For every taxi driver who tries to rip us off, there is always a taxi driver or two who are honest and understand how hard we work for money as well.

For every person who is telling us that we cannot do it, who is eagerly waiting for us to fail, there is always a person or two rooting for us, eagerly waiting for us to succeed.

We just have to find those positive people and focus on them.

Have faith in humanity once again.

Besides, there are more people who are rooting for us than people who want to criticize us or see us fail. We just have to shift our focus. We just have to change our perspective.

The people who want to see us fail? We can just politely smile and walk away.