9 Things You Can Do: To Pursue an Unconventional Career

Yesterday, I attended the Truly Rich Club Gold Mastermind Seminar. It’s a quarterly gathering of Truly Rich Club members so they can meet new people, meet mentors, and, most importantly, learn from each other. As always, it fired me up to succeed as a writer, a freelancer, and an entrepreneur.

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When the participants were divided into smaller groups, each participant shared what he or she does. It’s amazing how, in a group of fifteen people, each of us does very different things. And most of us in the group pursued unconventional careers.

Why do I love unconventional careers so much? Because it goes to show that you can make a living doing what you love. But, it involves a lot of risks, sacrifices, and delaying gratification. It also requires you to step out of your comfort zone into your courage zone. But when, not if, you do succeed, the rewards are freedom and, potentially, a lot of money.

Here are 9 unconventional careers some of the participants shared yesterday:

1. Entrepreneurship

In simpler terms, selling something—whether a product, a service, a skill, an investment, or something else. All you need is something to sell, people to sell to, and a platform through which you can deliver what you sell and collect payments. Do you have a product or service in mind? Do you know people who need that product or service? Do you know how you will deliver your product or service and collect payments? If you do, then you’re all set to become an entrepreneur.

2. Franchising

This is for those who have capital to start a business, but do not have an idea what business to start and how to start it. Franchising provides you with a product to sell and a system on how to sell it. The two important things to remember are finding a good, trustworthy, and reputable franchisor and finding a good location.

3. Online marketing

Just like entrepreneurship, this is just selling, but done online. See how I promoted the Truly Rich Club? Online marketing is what I’m doing. The great thing about online marketing is flexibility. You can sell physical or digital goods. You can also sell wherever you are and whenever you want (even while you’re sleeping). Not to mention, it requires almost zero capital and digital goods have really high profit margins. Obviously, this one is my favorite.

4. Buying and selling real estate or real estate investing

Two participants in our group yesterday were real estate brokers, meaning they look for sellers of properties and sell those properties to buyers for a commission. There are also other ways to earn from real estate. You can buy properties and hold them until their prices go up and sell them (buy-and-hold), buy properties at a low price, fix them, and sell them at a higher price (buy-fix-and-sell), buy properties and rent them out (buy-and-lease) for passive income, or buy properties and rent them out with the lessees given an option to buy (rent-to-own) also for passive income. There are so much more! The possibilities are endless.

5. Financial planning

People need financial literacy. I really didn’t believe it until I met people who were earning twice or thrice as much as I was, but they didn’t have any investments, let alone savings. Unfortunately, many people think that financial planners and advisors are just trying to sell them insurance. Most financial planners simply experienced the importance of financial literacy first hand and genuinely want to help others become financially literate. And yes, you can also build an unconventional career helping others through financial planning. People do need financial literacy, income protection, asset protection, and preparation for their retirement.

6. Multilevel Marketing (MLM) 

Much like financial planning, this unconventional career doesn’t require a lot of capital. But, most people are also skeptical (at best) about this unconventional career. After all, there are some who do take advantage of the system. But, believe me, I know many who have not only made a living doing this, but also helped others make a living themselves while selling great products (my parents use products sold by members of MLM). In case you’re wondering why it works, companies which do MLM eliminate the high marketing costs (such as buying TV advertisements which cost a lot) and high distribution costs (i.e. eliminating the middlemen who profit the most) of traditional marketing. Instead, they pay it to people who do sell their products through MLM. The key here is to do your own due diligence and your own research about the company and its products, attend to their seminars, judge it for yourself (not just listen to people who have something negative to say about MLM without them even trying or getting off their couches), and talk to people with your mind wide open.

7. Freelancing

Aside from online marketing, this is also what I am trying to do. Freelancing is offering the skills you have to people who and businesses which need them. Do you have skills in accounting, filing taxes, auditing, designing, writing, editing, video-editing, Photoshop, programming, or something else? Whatever you know, someone out there probably needs it. I’m not really an expert in landing a job, but here are some ideas on how my friends started freelancing: ask your family or friends for something you can do, offer your services for free (only if you can take credit for your work and get exposure), and slowly be more comfortable in working for a fee. The most important thing here is to build and showcase your portfolio (I’ll be doing this on the blog this week). In this day and age where there is so much competition, find a way to differentiate yourself and be remarkable. Lastly, be confident in yourself, your skills, and your ability to figure things out. (I’m telling myself to be more confident as well.) Oh, and keep learning and honing your skills.

8. Teaching others a skill or a hobby

Chances are you learned a skill or a hobby because you love doing it. You are passionate about it. The great thing about this is someone else might also be passionate about it and willing to learn more about it. So, there’s an opportunity there. Why not teach them how you do it for a fee? This is exactly what one of our World Changers, Imma Frias, in our community is doing. She’s into calligraphy and she also teaches calligraphy. Read more about her story here. Whatever your skill or hobby is (such as calligraphy, learning a foreign language, writing, programming, blogging, or playing an instrument), someone else is willing to learn more about it. By the way, by teaching, I don’t mean just teaching others face-to-face. You can also teach them through an ebook or video which you can sell.

9. Creating something (and selling it)

This is for the artists who like creating stuff. Maybe you’re a painter. Why not sell your paintings? Maybe you’re a singer and songwriter. Why not publish your song on YouTube and earn from ads or publish your song on iTunes? Maybe you’re a writer. Why not write a book, look for a publisher, and have bookstores sell your book? Or you can also start a blog! Whatever it is, create it and deliver it (and find a way to earn from it)! Shine your light!

How about you?

Which of these unconventional careers are you pursuing? Do you have anything else to add to this list? Feel free to share them in the comments below! Whatever career you are pursuing, even a conventional one, the important thing is to do work that you love and that make a difference.


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