Live the Life You Want: How to Create Your Perfect Day

For the past few days, I was in a slump again. I tried to understand why, but I couldn't quite figure it out.

But today, I finally figured it out! Hurray! Congratulations to me! And I want to thank God for helping me and my boss for allowing me to take the day off to connect with God and to sort things out in my life.

So, what was the cause of my slump? I did not start (and end) my days right during the past few weeks. I was no longer waking up at 4AM in the morning. I was waking up at 7! (And that's why I was always late during past few weeks as well.)

Well, it's not as simple as that. My mornings are very important for me because this is when I connect with God, affirm myself, remind myself of my long-term goals, and set my daily goals. This is when I get a lot of my personal power in creating the life I want. When I get to own my morning, I get to own my day and my life.

Anyway, enough about my slump. Today, what I really want to share with you is creating your perfect day.

Creating Your Perfect Day

Other people call this your "ideal day." But regardless of what it's called, creating your perfect day is important because living the life you want means living it one day at a time.

It's difficult to live the life you want if you don't even know how it looks or feels like. It's hard to hit a target if you cannot even see it. That's why in anything, including your life, it's important to have a vision. It's even biblical.

"When there's no vision, the people perish." – Proverbs 29: 18

And today, we're going to do exactly just that – create a vision for your life or at least your day by designing your perfect day.

The goal of you creating your perfect day is this: for you to go to bed saying, "Wow! This was an awesome day."

When you think about it, the more you have days like that, the closer you are to living the life you want. And if you are able to have days like that every single day, then you're living the life you want one day at a time.

How to Create Your Perfect Day

Like what I mentioned, I've already read so many books, listened to many mentors and gurus, and read so many blogs talking about creating your perfect day. The objective is the same, but the styles are different. But, there's one mentor whose style of creating your ideal day was very effective for me. It was Brendon Burchard's.

If you have time to watch him explain how to create your perfect day, watch his video below. If not, I'll just summarize it very quickly below. And I say, VERY QUICKLY. So, I suggest you watch his video. It's just a little over 10 minutes!

So, here's what he said. If you want to create your ideal day, focus on how you want to feel about your day first and what you want to do during the day only second.

It really made sense to me because living the life you want is more about feeling good about your life than the things you do or accomplish in your life. No matter how much you accomplish in your life, no matter how much success you have, if you don't feel good about yourself or your life, it will still feel empty or incomplete. You'll still end up searching for something.

Here are the complete guidelines in creating your perfect day:

  1. Feel: How do you want your perfect day to feel like?
  2. Create: What do you want to create during the day?
  3. Contribute: What do you want to contribute? For whom do you want to contribute?
  4. Connect: Whom do you want to connect with?
  5. Character: What would you like to be like?

When you've finally answered these questions, write in complete sentences and paragraphs how you want your perfect day to happen. Write how you want your perfect day to be like.

Finally, when you're done designing your perfect day, make it happen. Make improvements in your days and in your life until you're able to live your perfect day every day.

Revisit, Review, and Revise

Don't be afraid of making a mistake in designing your perfect day. Your perfect day changes as you and your priorities change as well. Over time, you will need to revisit, review, and revise your perfect day.

That's why I suggest you revisit your perfect day every November or December before the each year end. I suggest doing it on November though, because life tends to get busy on December. After all, just like any other plan, you should always revisit your perfect day, your life plan.

Are you ready to create your perfect day? Take an hour or two today to write it.

If you need an example to understand the process further, here's the perfect day I created this morning until the afternoon. Writing my perfect day did take time though. So, I suggest you set a morning or even a day for this. After all, this is your life plan.

Oh, and making your life plan doesn't end at creating your perfect day. This weekend, I'll be creating my one-year, five-year, and lifelong goals. I'll share them with you some other time.

For now, here is my perfect day:

Carlo's Perfect Day

Feel: How do you want to feel at the end of the day?

I want to feel grateful, fulfilled, and accomplished. I want to feel loved and have given love. I want to have given my all, to have given the best of me, and to have strived for excellence in what I’m good at (writing). I want to have loved and made a difference through my work. I want to have loved the people closest to me. I want to feel empowered that I can do everything! I want to feel like a better person than yesterday.

Create and contribute: What do you want to create and contribute?

I want to help others live the lives they want and make a difference. I want to make the world a better place by changing the way the world operates. And it starts with the people. If we can all live while making a difference, the world will be a much better place.

That’s why I want to write. That’s why I want to share my message and my voice. And there are many ways to do this: writing (book, blog), speaking (videos, public speaking, starting your own academy, podcasts), etc.

My work is my greatest creation and contribution. My work is also my love for others and service to them.

Connect: Whom do you want to connect with?

Everyday, I want to connect with the people closest to me — my family. 

Through my work, I also want to connect with my readers. Even if I don’t get to meet with them personally or physically, I can connect with them deeply through my work. My greatest communication, contribution, and connection are through my work.

My work also allows me to connect with the less privileged by contributing to their cause. My work allows me to donate and share my blessings to others.

I want my work to show how much I care about the readers, the less privileged, and the world.

I also want to connect with mentors and great minds by reading their work. I also want to connect with people who can help me achieve my dreams and become a better person by always keeping communication lines open, both physical and non-physical communication lines.

Character: How do you want to be like?

I want to be courageous for God, my mission, and my work. I want to be bold. I want to be genuinely caring and loving of my God, my family, my readers, and the less-privileged. I want to be more patient and understanding.

How do you own your morning?

Even before the afternoon, I should have done all the most important things that contribute to every area of my life.

Spiritual: I should have already prayed to God: praise God, read His word, give Him thanks, and align my dreams with His. I should have already felt empowered as God’s child and champion.

Family: I should have already built relationships with my family by having breakfast with them and sharing stories and our plans for the day (and our lives) with each other.

Physical: I should have already eaten five fruits for breakfast, done some cardio (jogging), stretching, and strength exercises. I should have already taken steps to feel stronger physically.

Work: I should have already written more than 1,000 words before noon. I should have already written articles that matter and make a difference in the lives of other people. I should have already written articles that can change the lives of others and change the world. My work also challenges me to improve myself and my knowledge. It challenges me to become a better person. That’s why I should also have already taken some steps to improve in my knowledge and in my character. I want to be stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally everyday. Even my financial needs will be covered by my work. That's why steps to improve my financial situation should have already been taken as well.

My Perfect Day

I would wake up each day at 4 in the morning. Then, I would offer a quick prayer to God, “Father, thank You for this new day. Thank You for the new day You’ve given me. Thank You for my life.” 

Then, I would slice 28 pieces of calamansi and then drink them fresh for my daily dose of vitamin C and to make my body alkaline.

Then, I would continue my daily prayer to God. I would start by offering Him my praise and worship. Then, I would read His word and remind myself of His love. Then, I would read my dreams to God to remind myself of what I want to get out of life and to align them with God’s dreams for my life. Then, I would thank God for all the blessing I have received. Finally, I would affirm myself because I am God’s child and His champion.

After praying, I would get out of the house, stretch, and feel the sun on my skin. Then, on alternating days, I would jog for 30 minutes or do some pushups and sit ups. I really believe that a healthy body is important in order to have a healthy mind.

After getting back from exercise, I would eat breakfast with my family. I will eat five kinds of fruits for breakfast for my dose of enzymes and fiber. But, more than nourishing my body, I would make sure that my relationship with my family is also nourished. Breakfast would be a time for us to talk, to share our plans for the day, and even tell each other our hopes and dreams for our lives. It would be our time to express our love to each other.

Then, I would focus for four hours on my work, my creation, my contribution. It may even take six hours or more, but the important thing is that no matter how short or how long it takes, my work makes sense to me and makes a difference in the lives of others. While working, I would also feel alive, energized, excited, and relevant.

My most important and productive tasks would all be done in the morning.

During the afternoon, I would go out into the world and experience “life” – whether it is bonding with my family, going out on a date with my future wife and kids, taking my parents on a date, getting more work done (I really feel alive doing work), teaching the less privileged, serving in our church, serving other people, volunteering, traveling the world, gaining new insights and perspectives, reading books, attending seminars, growing further in my knowledge, discipling others, meeting people, meeting mentors, mentoring others, joining small groups, playing basketball or other sports, even playing video games, building businesses, or watching movies.

But, this would be my afternoon activities' order of priority: God, family, relationships, service, personal growth (physical, mental, emotional, financial), and fun.

The afternoon would also be when I'd get to experience the randomness of life.

But no matter what I do in the afternoon, I'd make sure I do them with a purpose – whether it’s serving my God, serving other people, loving my family, loving others, building relationships, improving myself, or even just having fun. I should never sleepwalk through my afternoons and through life.

In the evening, I would eat dinner with my family. I would eat only salad for dinner to nourish my body and to give it the nutrients it needs. But like breakfast, dinner would be my time to build relationships with my family. This would be the time for us to share what happened to each of us and what we did during the day. This would also be when we get to share our ideas, hopes, plans, and dreams again.

At 9 in the evening, I should already be recharging myself for another perfect day tomorrow. But before that, I would thank God for the wonderful day it has been and surrender everything else that hasn’t been done. I would thank God for the day I’ve had and the life I’ve lived. I would thank God for everything: for His love, for His blessings, for my dreams, for the people He has given me, and for just about everything. At the end of each day, I should be able to say to God that I’m ready to go to Him because I lived each day as if it was my last. I lived, I loved, and I made a difference.


Image: Sailn1 on Flickr