5 Steps to Reset This Long Weekend (Especially if You’re Burnt Out)

For the past few weeks, I had been struggling to write. Yes, I really exert so much effort coming up with blog posts to write about everyday and actually writing them. But for the past few weeks, writing had been extra harder. (Which also explains why I hadn’t been able to post at 6:30 AM. I had been posting at eight or nine in the morning. Today, I’m even posting at noon! Sorry for the late post.)

This morning, I finally realized that I had been physically and emotionally burnt out: physically burnt out because I had been trying so hard to squeeze blogging and applying for a freelance work online in my day (especially now that my day job has become hectic), Emotionally burnt out because of the delays in my plans. I planned to release a manifesto every quarter and to finally have freelance work online by September.

That’s why I decided to reset my life (again). I decided to start all over again. That’s the only way I know to fight burnout.

How about you? Are you feeling burnt out?

Here are the five simple steps I did this morning to reset:

  1. Step away completely from everything you do. Step away from the work that you do. Step away from all your tasks and to-dos. Step away from all your plans. If possible and if it works for you (it doesn’t work for everyone, especially extraverts), step away from people and your relationships. You can go to the adoration chapel or to a retreat house or simply lock yourself inside your room.
  2. Rest. Sleep some more. Allow your body to recuperate. (That’s why I woke up at 4:30 AM, but I got up at 10 AM this morning without feeling guilty. I finally realized how tired my body was for always sleeping late.)
  3. Connect. Connect with God, with yourself, with your dream, with your mission, and with your purpose. Remember how you started (with the work that you do, with your dreams, and even with your relationships). Remember why you started.
  4. Be grateful. Only then will you realize how blessed you truly have been. Only then will you realize that there’s really no reason for burning yourself out.
  5. Finally, start again.

That's it. I think we should do these not only during long weekends. We should do these not only when we’re feeling burnt out. I think we should do these five steps at least once a week—to give our mind, body, and spirit some rest. And to remember our why. I think that’s why the sabbath is very important. The sabbath was made for man, for us. It’s biblical.


[31 Day Challenge Update] I think I will start again on Monday, because I’ll be coming home late tonight. I’m sorry for the never-ending updates.