Alive through the saints

Jesus was alive in the lives of the saints — through their journeys, their works, their courage to share the Gospel, and their martyrdom.


When visiting old churches, I love looking at murals and stained glass windows depicting the lives of saints.

In just a few paintings or windows, you will learn the journeys and the works of the saints. You will also learn where and to whom they shared the Gospel. Most of the time, they lived and shared the Gospel in pagan territories. And sometimes, you will learn how they were martyred for their faith and their works.

What never fails to be impressed upon me is how Jesus was truly alive in the saints.

Jesus was alive in their own lives — through their journeys, their works, their courage to share the Gospel, and their martyrdom.

For us, the Christians of today, we believe that Jesus is alive.

He is alive during our prayers. He is alive in our personal and private lives. He is alive in the Mass, in the Eucharist, in our services.

But, is He also alive in our public lives?

Do we let other people know that He is alive — through our actions, our words, and our lives?

Do we have the courage or the audacity to share with others that He is truly alive?

We need more modern day saints. We need more Christians through whom other people will know that Jesus truly lives — through their words, their works, and their lives.

Will you be one of those saints?

Jesus is alive in you.

P.S. Do you know why old churches have these murals, sculptures, or stained glass windows? When we visited an old church, our guide told us that this was called “visual catechesis.” Hundreds of years ago, many people were illiterate. They could not read or write. But through paintings, murals, sculptures, and stained glass windows, they were able to learn more about the Gospel and the lives of many saints who shared and even gave up their lives for the Gospel. Such is the beauty of our faith.

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