The legs of faith

If you want to strengthen your faith, add legs to it.

Today’s Gospel reading teaches us something about belief:

“[Mary Magdalene] went and told his companions who were mourning and weeping. When they heard that [Jesus] was alive and had been seen by her, they did not believe.
“After this he appeared in another form to two of them walking along on their way to the country. They returned and told the others; but they did not believe them either.
“[But] later, as the eleven were at table, he appeared to them and rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart because they had not believed those who saw him after he had been raised.” — Mark 16:10-14

Imagine faith as a piece of plywood. Every time there is a new evidence or instance that strengthens your faith, you add a leg under your plywood. 

Once you have three or four legs that support your belief, your plywood of faith becomes a sturdy table. When you add even more legs, your table of faith becomes even sturdier and no trial can easily overturn it.

If you want to strengthen your faith, add legs to it.

Pray more to feel His presence. Read the Scripture to know how He has been working throughout the history of mankind. Recognize His presence and help in every moment of your life. If you think hard enough, you will understand how He has always been with you.

Like the disciples in Mark’s account of the Gospel, they did not believe until the third leg was added to their faith. After all, it takes at least three legs for a table to stand. 

Add legs to your faith.


P.S. But the third leg that was added to support their faith probably could have supported the whole table by itself — for Jesus Himself appeared to them.