Your time will come

Young vice-presidents. Young entrepreneurs. Millionaires under thirty years old.

It can be discouraging to compare ourselves with others.

Today’s Gospel encourages us and teaches us that our time will come.

“When Jesus began his ministry he was about thirty years of age.” — Luke 3:23

David defeated Goliath as a boy. Jesus started His ministry at 30 years old. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt when He was 80. Abraham was 100 when he begot Isaac.

No matter how old or how young we are, God is calling us to be patient and to continue hoping and believing that our time will come.

And while we are waiting, let us remain faithful to God. Let us remain faithful to the task at hand. To bloom where He planted us. Let us remain faithful to loving the people God entrusted us with — our families, our friends, our workmates. Let us remain faithful to the work God is asking us to do right now — whether our dream jobs or our day jobs. 

Let us remain patient, joyful, hopeful, faithful, and trusting in the waiting.

Are you waiting for your big break? A promotion? A business success? A child? Your time will come.


P.S. Still, not our will be God’s will be done. Remain trusting in His will.