Why are you still afraid?

By the time of our Gospel reading for today, Jesus had already preached about kingdom of God, healed several people who were sick, and casted out demons while He was with His disciples. Not to mention, John the Baptist and even the Father and the Holy Spirit testified for Him during His baptism.

Yet, despite knowing all these and even seeing them with their very eyes, despite knowing that Jesus was with them, the disciples were still terrified when their boat was being battered by strong winds and the storm.

Then, Jesus asked them:

“Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?” — Mark 4:40

What has God done for your life?

Maybe He healed a loved one. Maybe He made a loved one’s operation or surgery a success like what He did for my wife’s operation a month ago. Maybe He encouraged you when you were feeling desperate and discouraged. Maybe He provided for a need.

When we think about it deeply, God has done so many things for us. More importantly, He has never left our side.

Yet, why do we still fear? Why are we still afraid? Of tomorrow? Of uncertainty? Of failure? Of whatever it is we are afraid of?

Today, the Gospel is reminding us of the things God has done for us. It is also reminding us that God has been and always will be with us.

Why should we still be afraid?

Let us not be afraid anymore. Let us move forward with confidence because God is with us.