How to praise God

How do you praise God? Or a better question: Why do you praise God?

Recently, I learned that it’s not just about uttering, “Praise the Lord,” or raising our hands in song and worship.

Praising God starts by understanding why we worship Him. And we understand why we worship Him by knowing who He is.

We know God through Scripture. Through the Scripture, we learn that He is our Creator, our Savior, our Father, our Shield, our Protector, our Healer, our Help in time of need.

We know God through a relationship with Him. We know God by remembering how He helped us through our trials and challenges, how He strengthened us in our moments of weakness, how He healed us from our afflictions.

We know God through our brethren, our Church, our adopted brothers and sisters through Christ. 

In the Gospel, Elizabeth’s neighbors and relatives praised God and rejoiced because they heard about God’s mercy. They praised God because they learned about His love.

“Elizabeth’s neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown his great mercy toward her, and they rejoiced with her.” — Luke 1:58

This kind of praise, the one that starts with knowing our Faithful God, is the kind of praise that goes deeper than words, songs, and actions. It is the kind of praise that is based on who God is and our relationship with Him.

It is the kind of praise that goes even beyond our feelings, the kind of praise we can give God even when we don’t “feel” like it.

Why do you praise God?


Hat tip: The Jeff Cavins Show