How to Be Productive: Just Get Started and Finish What You Started

I have tried so many things to be productive: a work area with a very comfortable chair, a work area without a chair, an air-conditioned work area, a work area without proper ventilation, and so on.

I even downloaded so many productivity apps like to-do list apps, scheduler apps, and calendar apps. I followed productivity blogs and read productivity articles.

But, none of them worked for me. Every once in a while, I find myself wasting time, procrastinating, and moving on from one task to another without finishing anything. Just a while ago, I found myself jumping from one article to another. In fact, I already started writing five short articles!

But five minutes ago, I did the unthinkable. I deleted all of them. Because no matter how hard I tried, I could no longer remember what I was supposed to say. I lost the core of each article. I lost my thought process. And worst of all, I lost my fire and my emotions to write each article from the heart.

Then, I realized that the ultimate secret to being productive is no secret at all: you just get started and finish what you started.

And when you do get started, you have to stay committed, disciplined, and focused at the task at hand. You must make a decision not to do anything else until you are finished.

You cannot allow yourself to log in to Facebook and check for any notifications. You have to resist opening Google Chrome and having a laugh on 9gag for five minutes. You have to stop your hand from getting your phone and browsing through your Twitter feed.

These seemingly harmless activities will prevent you from building momentum. And success and productivity are all about building momentum.

There, I finally finished this article. Now, I can log in to Facebook.

How about you? Just get started and finish what you started. No output, no Facebook.