Are You Proud to Tell the World Who You Are?

One day, you will become the CEO, the president, the managing partner, the billionaire entrepreneur, the best-selling author, the motivational speaker, or even the next internet sensation!

Years from now, you will become the person you dream of becoming. And you’ll be so secure, so confident, so proud, and so happy of who you become.

But, why wait for years to be proud of yourself? Why wait for years to be secure, to be confident, to be proud, and to be happy?

You can be proud of yourself right now.

Be proud to tell the world,

“I’m an employee,”

“I’m an associate,”

“I’m a salesman,”

“I’m a marketer,"

“I’m a startup entrepreneur,”

“I’m a blogger,”

“I’m a wannabe speaker,” or

“I’m the next superstar!”

Proclaim who you are!

After all, who you are right now will lead you to who you want to become.

Be proud of yourself. Tell the world who you are.



I’m an employee of a telco company! Without a housing plan! Or a car plan!

I’m a start up entrepreneur! I lose more money than I make!

I’m a blogger whose blog gets less than a hundred page views a day!

But, I’m proud of who I am. I’m happy of who I am.

Most importantly, I am God’s child. I am God’s champion. I am God’s conqueror.

Someday, I will become the person I want to be.

How about you? Are proud to tell the world who you are? Share who you are in the comments below!