Celebrate Your Mini-Victories: The Key to Enjoying Life

Wars are won not by winning one big battle. They are won by winning a series of small, strategic battles. 

In the modern battlefield of life and work, we keep on waiting for that one big victory, that one big break, that one big promotion, that one big business breakthrough, or that special someone before we start celebrating and enjoying life. We think that winning that one big battle is the key to be happy and to win in life. 

But like a warfare, life doesn't work that way. You have to win a series of small battles that will lead you to your victory. And you have to celebrate these mini-victories. 

Did you make it to work on time? Celebrate it. 

Did you accomplish so many things at work today? Celebrate it. 

Did you meet your deadline? Celebrate it. 

Did you talk to a potential client? Celebrate it. 

Did you have food on the table? Celebrate it. 

Did you spend five quality minutes with your family? Celebrate it. 

Did you catch up with a friend on the phone? Celebrate it. 

Celebrate your mini-victories because these will lead you to your ultimate victory... in war and in life.