Live More by Having Less

Today is Tactical Thursday. On Tactical Thursdays, I write about strategies on how to live your life the way you want to. I write about battle plans on how to conquer yourself first, the world second. Make a difference in the world by making a difference in your life.


“If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, then this is the best season of your life.”

– Wu-Men


Eighty percent of your results come from twenty percent of your activities.

You have probably read or heard about Pareto Principle countless times. Lately, I have been trying to apply it in my life. Why, you ask? Because I want to eliminate the clutter in my life and to focus on what I think are more important.

I want to have more time, more energy, and more focus on my values (spirituality and charity), my dreams (becoming an author, building my own business, and making a difference), my relationships (family and friends), and my growth (learning and experience).

Do you want to eliminate the clutter in your life as well?


Determine Your Twenty Percent

First things first. Before you remove the clutter in your life, you have to understand why you want to have more time and energy. You have to determine what you will do with the extra time and energy that you will have.

Determine what truly are important to you. They are different for different people so you have to determine what yours are. After all, life is not one-size-fits-all.

If you don’t, you will only use your extra time and energy replacing the clutter with clutter.

Make CONCRETE action plans for each of them. These action plans, these activities are the twenty percent of the activities that will produce the eighty percent of the results in your life.

For example, I will use the time I will save writing my first book and blogging. These are the activities that produce a lot of results in my life. These are the activities that excite me and make me steps closer to my entrepreneurial dreams. They are the activities that help me do my mission of serving God and His people.

Do this for ten minutes before you proceed. Take action! Information is useful only when you act on it.

Are you done? It’s time to eliminate the clutter in your life! This week, let’s start by eliminating the possessions that clutter your life.


Live More by Having Less

Two weeks ago, I cleaned my closet and selected some clothes to be given away on an "honesty system" basis. As long as I "felt" I would not be using them during the next three months, I had to give them away.

While cleaning my closet, I realized that I have been using only the same set of clothes which is more or less twenty percent of my entire wardrobe.

How about you? Do you REALLY wear all the clothes that you own? Or do you just wear the same clothes over and over and over again?

Apply “Carlo’s Honesty System” of giving away clothes. It’s simple. Stop fooling yourself that you will still wear all the clothes in your closet! Believe me! When a new season arrives, you will just buy new clothes to match the season! Here in the Philippines, we only have two seasons! So, you do not really need so many clothes!

By doing this, you will be able to live more by saving time every morning sorting through clothes you will never wear again.

Do you have furniture that take up a lot of space in your house but you seldom use? Ibenta mo na! (Sell them already!) Or give them away! It is nice to live in a house free of distractions! And your furniture will be making someone else happy!

Do you have properties you seldom use or visit? Instead of the headaches of paying for insurance and taxes and constantly worrying about them, sell them or have them rented! Eliminate the unnecessary stress in your life!


Eliminate Now, Live More Now

This weekend, walk around your house and put away ALL the unnecessary things in a box! Then, sell them the following week or give them away! You will be surprised to see how beautiful your house is clutter-free!

Clutter-free house, clutter-free life!

Friend, being meaningfully rich does not mean having more possessions. Being meaningfully rich means having the resources and the TIME to do the things that excite you and give you a sense of purpose. If your possessions are giving you unnecessary stress, "ibenta mo na!"

Live clutter-free!