Stop Trying to Be Second-Best and Be the Best Version of Yourself

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


Are there people whom you look up to? People you want to be like?

We all have people whom we look up to — our parents, teachers, career coaches, and role models. I look up to my parents, my mentors, and my favorite authors and entrepreneurs.

Then, there are also our successful peers. We see their successes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. (And I don’t about you, but I used to easily get insecure.)

We try to copy their ways to success. When a friend of ours succeeds in his career as an investment banker or financial analyst (I am sorry, being an accountant, these are the careers that I really used to aspire for), we take steps to become investment bankers or financial analysts ourselves. It is also the same with the people we look up to. We try to do EXACTLY what they are doing!

Then, we end up failing because we do not have the same fire, passion, and proficiencies that they have. If we ever do succeed, we just become lesser versions of them.


Be the Best Version of Yourself

The most common mistake we do to succeed in life is trying to do EXACTLY what others are doing — without knowing what their interests and talents are, what their experiences are, and what they went through to achieve what they have achieved.

Instead of doing EXACTLY what others doing, find your own way to success! Create a path if you need to. Find that one thing which you really are passionate about. Find the gift that only YOU can give to the world.

Use your whole personality, all your talents, and everything you have been through to find it! After all, only YOU can find it! So, use all of yourself to find it!

Don't be a lesser version of others. Be the best version of yourself!

I remember that when my career started, I easily got insecure of my peers. I thought success was in private companies, so I took a job in a conglomerate here in the Philippines. Then, when all my friends were having successes in auditing firms, I resigned from my job and worked with an auditing firm. Still, I did not succeed as easily as they did because auditing (in my case, due diligence), was not really my passion. It was a lesson worth learning, but I learned it the hard way.


Still… You Should Have Mentors in Your Life

Do not get me wrong. You should still have mentors in every area of your life who will guide you and handhold you in your own journey. I believe in mentoring. I love my mentors! Without them, I would still be the same insecure young professional hopping from one job to another to do EXACTLY what my successful peers are doing.

But, you have to do your homework. You have to discover your own talents, your own gifts, your own passion, and your own way of doing things. You have to find your own way to success.

Your mentors will teach you how to succeed, guide you, and help you avoid the major pitfalls in your life. But, they cannot create your product for you, act for you, think for you, work for you, live for you, and do everything for you. You still have to do the heavy lifting in your life. And you will enjoy the heavy lifting only if you add your own style, your own flavor, to it.


Make Mistakes Now and Fail Quickly

"Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it time runs out.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.


A lot of people still do not know the one thing only they can give to the world. One reason: Because they still have not made enough mistakes in their lives to find it.

How about you? Have you found the one thing only you can give to the world?

Make mistakes and make mistakes now. The more you delay making mistakes, the more you delay finding your one thing.

Also, credit to Bro. Bo Sanchez for this (give credit where credit is due), fail quickly so you can try again, fail again, and try once again.

Make mistakes by starting a small business, building your own small website, creating a non-profit organization, or starting your own life's project! Start making mistakes now! Do what you’ve always wanted to do!

Fail now so you can try again!

If you want to find your one thing, do something! Don't just stay still and expect to find it magically. It doesn't work! Believe me. I tried doing that for almost three years! IT DOES NOT WORK!

Sometimes, it helps not to think about it and just go for it! Just act! Just do it!

Friend, realize your full potential by being the best version of yourself. Find your one thing.


PS. Before I was able to get to this 800+ word article, I have already written an 800-word article. That article was supposed to be about how I was trying to write like my favorite authors and I realized that I was just trying to be second-best. I made a lot of mistakes in that article! I ended up deleting it! But, without that article and without those mistakes, I could not have gotten to this article. Make mistakes until you get things right!