Stop Trying to Make Things Perfect and Deliver Now

“At its root, perfectionism isn’t really about a deep love of being meticulous. It’s about fear. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of failure. Fear of success.”

– Michael Law


Last Thursday's article, "Start Your Own Life's Project and Start Living," was a very successful article.

The likes, shares, and comments I got from friends, families, and other people were overwhelming! During the weekend, I really prayed hard to thank God for showering me with His love and appreciation through the support I got from everyone.

Friend, even just from reading this article, I want to thank you. You see, I am a geek when it comes to the number of site visits. So, thank you for adding one to the number of my site’s visitors today.

All I can say is, thank you so much. You do not know how much you have encouraged me by adding one to the number of site visits.


When Everything Seemed Perfect

Last week, everything just seemed perfect – some old friends congratulating me, a few new friends thanking me, and a handful of little conquerors joining my revolution. It was more than I hoped and prayed for.

But, when everything seemed perfect, I felt a lot of pressure to deliver...perfectly.

After publishing last week's article, I wrote three more articles, not including this one. But, I was not able to publish any of them because they were not as "perfect" as last week's article.

I had lots of questions like:

"What if they do not like my new article as much?"

"What if I lose my followers and readers from last week?"

"What if they get disappointed?"

"What if they never return?"

In the end, I missed my posting schedule…again. I failed to deliver...again.

But last night, I made a decision. I will just stick to my schedule. Even if this post is far from last week's post in terms of quality, I will just deliver and publish this article. I will no longer be afraid to deliver an "imperfect" post. I will no longer be afraid to expose to the world how imperfect I am, how imperfect my writings are, and how far I am from the authors I admire.

I realized that, at the end of the day, it does not matter how imperfect you and your works are. What's important is that you deliver your imperfect self to the world and shine your light, no matter how dim it may be.


Deliver...and Get Your Voice Out to the World

I have had confidence issues since I left college. I have fallen so far from my college dreams like working in multinational company, becoming a millionaire by 25, and so much more. I have always thought that no one would really care about my voice because I have not yet proven anything in my life.

But, now, I learned that people do not really care how much you have achieved in your life. What people really care about is connecting and relating with someone.

In my case, they connect with my sufferings, my journey, and my brokenness. They connect with my "imperfections."

Friend, do not be afraid to get your imperfect voice out to the world. Do not be afraid to make a mistake. Somewhere out there, there is someone imperfect longing and yearning for your imperfect voice. There is someone imperfect that only your imperfect voice can reach.

Get your voice out there!


Deliver...and Just Improve Along the Way

I have been working on a project for nine months now and I still have not finished it, because every day, I learn something new to add to the project to make it "perfect."

At this rate, I will never finish it because I will always find ways to make it "perfect."

Just think about how many people I have not helped because I cannot deliver my small project. I could have made even a small, imperfect difference in someone's life already if only I delivered an imperfect project.

No matter how great your project is, until you deliver it, you cannot make a difference. Don't wait for everything to be perfect to make a difference. Just deliver your project now, make a difference now, and improve it along the way.


Imperfection…Not an Excuse to Achieve Excellence

When I was still studying, it felt great to have a perfect score. I would always go out of the classroom with my chest puffed out and my head held high, literally! Kidding. I would have looked terrible.

But now that I am already working, I learned, PAINFULLY, that life is not about getting a perfect score. Who needs a perfect score if you cannot deliver in real life? For a long time, I could not deliver because I wanted everything to be perfect. It was so painful especially when you know you could have done something much better than others but you could not deliver. That's why I learned to admire those who deliver an imperfect product (and improve it along the way) more than those who have seemingly perfect ideas but could not deliver. (And Carlo died of guilt.)

Besides, what you know now may no longer be relevant tomorrow. What is perfect now may no longer be perfect tomorrow.

Again, what's important is that you deliver now and just improve along the way.

But, that does not mean you can stop striving for excellence?

No, you should still strive for excellence in everything you do. That’s the only way to live a meaningful life. Never ever settle for anything less than excellent!

While you can never achieve perfection, you can always achieve excellence. Excellence is doing the best you can and delivering the best project you can deliver...currently. Excellence is delivering the best of what you know now and striving to know more so you can deliver more.

Delivering an imperfect project is not an excuse for delivering a mediocre one. Deliver an excellent project. Live an excellent life.


This is not the perfect way to end my post. But at least I am ending it…and delivering it! Ha! Take that! Just kidding.

Friend, what projects have you been putting off because you are still trying to perfect it? Deliver them now...and just improve them along the way. Start delivering now! Start living now!