16 Things You Need to Let Go in 2016

The first day of every new year has that magic of a new beginning. No matter how much you’ve messed up last year, the first day of the year promises that you can always start with a clean slate—that you can make your life different this new year.

You’ve probably made plans for yourself, for other people, and for your life this year. I made my own plans and I’ll share them with you tomorrow. How about you? What are your plans for this year?

But to accomplish those plans, there are things you need to leave behind to make room for the things you need. After all, no two things can occupy the same space at the same time. You have to make space for the things you need to accomplish your goals and plans this year.

Here are 16 things you need to let go this 2016:

1. Let go of the hurts others have caused you. Forgive others and set them free.

2. Let go of the mistakes you’ve committed. Set yourself free as well.

3. Let go of your failures and rejections. You might make it this time around.

4. Let go of your past successes and former glories. Focus on new possibilities.

5. Let go of your need for perfection. Just get it out there and improve along the way.

6. Let go of your need for certainty. Nothing is guaranteed in this life, so you might as well go for it and see what happens.

7. Let go of your need to conform. Live your own life, dream your own dream, and be true to yourself.

8. Let go of your need to be right. There’s always more than one answer to a problem.

9. Let go of your need to compare. Run your own race.

10. Let go of toxic habits. Make room for healthier, productive ones.

11. Let go of toxic people. Love them from afar, so you can make room for people who nourish you.

12. Let go of taking life seriously. Take it easy, have fun, and laugh more often.

13. Let go of your comfort zone. Your dreams lie just outside your comfort zone.

14. Let go of mediocrity. The world deserves more than mediocre. No, the world needs more than mediocre.

15. Let go of your pride. Be more vulnerable and love others more.

16. Let go of living only for yourself. Live for others.