1,000 Houses for 1,000 Families

When you think about your goal night and day, when you obsess yourself over it, and, most importantly, when you take small steps, it becomes clearer—no matter how obscure it might be at first.

In 2011, inspired by one of my spiritual mentors, I dreamt of one day building a community for the poor. But, it was never clear how I would do it or what it would be like.

Four years after, I may have forgotten about it, but it never really left my heart.

Now that I’m obsessed about it, thanks to some friends and some wonderful experiences at the Feast, it’s becoming clearer and clearer to me as to what it will be like and, more importantly, why I’m dreaming this dream:

I want to teach children. I don’t want to just equip them with the skills they need to make it in the world. I want to teach them to hope and to dream. The world’s future depends on them. I don’t want the highly practical and realistic world robbing them of their dreams. I want them to continue seeing the world as it could be, not as what it is.

I want to build communities and I want to start with the most basic unit of community—the family. Like Gawad Kalinga’s mission of ending poverty by first restoring the dignity of the Filipino poor, I want to start by giving Filipino families a fresh start by giving them a place to rest, to recharge, and to recover after a long day’s work. Not to mention, building relationships start with the family.

I also want everything to be sustainable—from their livelihood and jobs to the power and electricity they use. Being an environmentalist at heart, I hope we can use solar panels in building their homes or take some other more feasible steps to generate clean and sustainable energy.

Right now, to be honest, I do not even have the capacity to build a single home, but the important thing is everything is becoming clearer and clearer as I go. I’m also taking small steps and, someday, I know I’ll get there.

For now, the mission is clear—1,000 Houses for 1,000 Families.

How about you? What’s your mission? What’s your quest? 

Action brings clarity. Take small steps no matter how obscure your mission is right now. Be obsessed.